space for [re]creation


Hedonic Machines aims to provide an expansive universe for recreational purposes by recreating objects that trigger intense delightment




Our mechanical activity is at the root of our concept of [re]creation. Our machines remind us of yesterday but are designed for tomorrow. They combine traditionnal craftsmanship with cutting edge innovations. 

The extension of our concept to other objects as well as collaborations with iconic brands has allowed us to open our approach to a wider public, which we aspire to gather within a global community. 

[re]creational machines

The machines are completely redesigned in our design studio to create a unique, bespoke vehicle. The possibilities of improvement, driven by the desires of the customers, are infinite.

The vehicles are then recreated from their bare chassis. The body modifications are made exclusively of aluminum with hand-formed parts.

The interior is completely revisited thanks to the exceptional know-how of our saddlers and sheet metal workers. Leather, alcantara and other noble materials are combined with aluminum reminders. 
Advanced technologies, such as holograms, provide a futuristic dimension to these creations that evoke the past.

All mechanical elements, such as the suspension and braking system, are also brought up to the level of performance delivered by the engine.

The legendary flat six engine is revisited by our engine builders directly from the best Formula 1 engineering teams.

Thus, the recreational aspect of this mechanical activity is carried as much by the immersive journey in which the customer takes part during the rebirth of his vehicle, as by the pleasure procured at the end of this process.

[re]creational lifestyle

Clothing is one of the main areas that allow us to serve this desire to open our approach to a wider public while transmitting the fundamentals of our identity. Our collections integrate technical elements from our design studio or aesthetic elements linked to our brand philosophy. Made from organic or recycled materials, they are part of our [re]creation approach. 

Art objects, another preferred field, are mostly recreated from existing elements: our decorative skateboards are designed from used boards that are reshaped and polished.

Numerous collaborations also allow us to contribute to a creative universe without limits. Hedonic Machines is therefore stepping on this ambitious path, in the quest of new recreational spaces.

Flagship store

Located on the peninsula of Cap Ferret, you will enter a unique place in the heart of our universe. On a surface of more than 800m2, our imposing buildings dressed in light wood shelter our various premises. Concept store, seminar, gallery, showroom and "cube" are all reception areas designed to amaze.

You will discover a creative space without limits mixing [re]creations of cars, motorcycles and electric mobility alongside clothes, art objects and various products resulting from our collaborations.

Our flagship store welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm
11 avenue du Général De Gaulle, Lège Cap Ferret