In between vintage and neo retro, its cartoon aspect, styles intertwine and blend. With this in mind, Amazing offers a free interpretation, from a racer inspiration.

Amazing is a pure Hedonic model stepped straight out of our designers team’s imagination.

It puts a great emphasis on the art work of the aluminium, based on a, near loving, meticulous approach of more than 150 hours, in order to stretch and bend the metal sheets and to transcend this machine’s mechanic.

Beyond the emotion caused by its enthraling curves, Amazing inherits a daring cockpit, with a tailor made handlebar offering original inverted commands.

In order to fully develop the 8 valves two cylinders 97 horsepower, we created a made to measure exhaust line finalized with special exclusive « turbine type » mufflers, sculped in one aluminium block.

This quest for originality combined to a perfect realization reflects in the very exclusive process of the side covers, of the shapped leather saddlery…because we like to think that beyond locomotion, a motocycle has to convey an idea of a dream.
Black matte frame
Brown leather and alcantara


Custom-made handlebar, integrating master cylinder of
brake and clutch cable, with controls
inverted and commands cut in the mass.

Custom made aluminum enclosure:
tank, fork head, fender, hoof

Selle et caches latéraux redessinés
Custom-made inox  exhaust,
in top position with tips
"Turbine" made of aluminum
the mass

Motorcycle homologated to the
latest Euro 4 standard.

Fork cut un the mass
Brembo front brakes,
4 pistons / discs of 300 mm

Triumph 1200 cc engine, twin engine, injection,
liquid cooling, borrowed from

16-inch wheels, Firestone tires
Deluxe 5x16