#NEo grey/beige

#NEo grey/beige


If the Scrambler follows a well defined code, everyone can play his own part and affirm his sensitivity. Our collaboration with the french manufacturer Lazareth offers to each motorbike from the #Neo collection its very own and unique personality.

Our Army Neo plunges into the Scrambler universe with its fat Continental TKC 80 tyres, its large handlebar with inverted commands, exclusive technical performance and minimalist design.

It offers very high end suspensions starring a Yamaha R6 front fork crowns and TFX dampers.

So equipped, Neo offers you a great everyday use, very steerable, nipping through the traffic or heading to the Cap Ferret’s sand dunes.

It will give you the desire and the possibility to travel far away and for a long time, the Triumph two cylinders torque being another significant advantage.

Underneath its adventurous traveler look, #Neo stands out of the crowd by playing the card of sophistication and undeniable elegance as you can see on the very elaborate seat and the military fabrics full tank covers.

Stainless steel mesh, Hedonic 2017 distinctiveness, enhances the side covers or the stunning paint making Neo a unique pure Hedonic style motorcycle.
Custum paint "Slade Grey"
Black matte frame
Custum saddle
Bronze fork


Custom-made handlebar, integrating master cylinder of
brake and clutch cable, with controls
inverted and commands cut in the mass.

Custom made with special Hedonic paint enclosure:
tank, mudguard, hoof

Yamaha YZF R6 Forks
with tees cut in the

Black matte fork
Brembo front brakes,
4 pistons / discs of 300 mm

Motorcycle homologated to the
latest Euro 4 standard.

Triumph 900 cc engine,
bicylinder, injection,
liquid cooling

Leather saddle and handles
lateral redesigned
TFX dampers
 Bluetooth speakers A1 BEOPLAY
Custom-made inox exhaust,
17 inch wheels, Continental tires
TKC 80 with wheel rim covers