NEO 003 #Biarritz

NEO 003 #Biarritz


Our NEO # 003 is the chic model of this 2017 collection.
On a black matte base it receives a tank of color "Gray Concrete".
Thruxton forks and brakes, as well as TFX shock absorbers, offer a perfect heading without sacrificing comfort.
For a very exclusive style, it is adorned with a sublime dressing in painting, another refinement, its side covers are distinguished by the inlaid stainless mesh in stainless steel.
The handlebars, an original creation, is a work of art, purified to the possible, integrating the technical elements and featuring commands cut in the mass.
The saddle, redesigned, is adorned with a leather trimmed to match the tank, in harmony with the bodywork.
The curve of the studded tires is ready to bite the dust. 


Custom-made handlebar, integrating master cylinder of
brake and clutch cable, with controls
inverted and commands cut in the mass.

Custom made with special Hedonic paint enclosure:
tank, mudguard, hoof

Leather saddle and handles
lateral redesigned

Mudguards and lighting
with modified plate support
TFX dampers
Bluetooth speakers A1 BEOPLAY
17 inch wheels, 
Continental TKC 80 tires
Turbine exhaust
Triumph 1200 cc engine

Fourche  taillée dans la