NEO #007

NEO #007

in the service of the queen....

In reference to James Bond, Stéphane chose the elegance of the military vintage canvas specially found in marine military surpluses.

Our teams have adapted the latest technical developments to this deep blue.
Painting " Bleu de Mer"
Black frame
Lateral cover mesh handcrafted
Turbine exhaust


Custom-made handlebar, integrating master cylinder of
brake and clutch cable, with controls
inverted and commands cut in the mass.

Custum design:
tank, fork head, fender, hoof

Bi-places saddle and handles in fabric
Mudguards and lighting with modified plate support
Bluetooth speakers A1 BEOPLAY
17 inch wheels, Continental TKC 80 tires
Turbine exhaust
Triumph 1200 cc engine,
bicylinder, injection,
liquid cooling

Motorcycle homologated to the
latest Euro 4 standard.

Fork with tees cut in the

Brembo front brakes,
4 pistons / discs of 300 mm